Important milestones for the qualification of the international economics olympiad:



Online Exam

The first step for the qualification is the online exam. The students will face 30 multiple choice questions. The exam lasts 30 minutes and is based on logic and economic knowledge. The online exam cannot be repeated. The 10 students with the highest scores will be invited to an Assessment.

Assessment workshop

The TOP 10 applicants with the best results in the online exam will be invited to an assessment workshop.
The assessment is divided into two main parts:

During the first part of the workshop you'll have to solve a written economics exam which resembles the online exam.

In the second part you'll get to solve a case study. After a given period every student of the TOP 10 will present their results in front of a jury.

The 4 best applicants will be chosen as the Swiss Delegation for the International Economics Olympiad in Kazakhstan. 

Workshops & Preparation

The next step is to make sure each student of the Swiss Delegation is well prepared for the International Economics Olympiad. Therefore we organize workshops with different partners, one of them being the UBS, which will help you:

1. get an overview over the most important topics of economics

2. feel confident in solving a case study and presenting it 



International Economics Olympiad

We'll be heading to Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, from the 21.07 - 31.07.2020 where the chosen four students will compete on international level against different countries and get to collect unique memories that last a lifetime.

Assessment TOP 10

The TOP 10 students benefit from a training and assessment conducted by the with the support of UBS professionals. The finalists are invited to Zurich where the jury…


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