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Do you want to showcase your brain in economics? Are you under the age of 20 and yet to start your university studies? Welcome to this year's Economics Olympiad!


The first round of this year's Economics Olympiad is now over.

We have sent the results by email. Thank you for your participation!

Did you miss the first round this year? Leave your contact details below and we'll let you know when it's time for the next edition!


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What awaits you

Online Exam

The written exam lasts 45 minutes. It allows you to show your knowledge in economics. The 12 students with the highest score will face the Assessment and participate in the Swiss Finals. The exam cannot be repeated.


Here you can train with our demo version.


Ready to take the exam? The window for the first round will be open from 18.03 to 01.04.2024.

Innovation Camp

The top 12 of the first round will be invited to a 3-day innovation camp where they will be met with various workshops preparing them for their assessment at the National Final. The finalists will be trained in the areas of economics and business.


Next to the preparation for the second round of qualification, the finalists will also enjoy a variety of group activities and get the chance to meet alumni of the Swiss Economics Olympiad.

Swiss Finals

The assessment for the Top 12 of the Online Exam is divided into two main parts:

1. Exam

During the first part of the workshop, you will have to solve a written economics exam which resembles the online exam.


2. Case Study & Presentation

In the second part, you will get to solve a case study. After a given period, every student will present their results in front of a jury. 


The five best students will be chosen as the Swiss Delegation for the International Economics Olympiad

Workshop & Preparation

The next step is to make sure each student of the Swiss Team is well prepared for the International Economics Olympiad. Therefore, we organize workshops with different partners, one of them being the UBS, which will help you:

  1. get an overview over the most important topics of economics
  2. feel confident in solving a case study and presenting it 

International Economics Olympiad

The Swiss Team will face four challenges:

1. Financial literacy simulator.

The goal is to prove your financial knowledge and invest sum x to reach the final sum y as fast as possible.

2. Economics exam written

On paper. You have the option to choose from 3 out of 5 tasks. The tasks must be answered in detail.

3. Business case

You and your team have 24 hours to solve the case and prepare a PowerPoint presentation. 

4. Presentation

The grand finale is the presentation itself. You will have about five minutes to show your results and convince the jury.

How to prepare yourself

No extra preparation needed, but...

In general, there's no extra preparation needed in order for you to achieve a good score on the online exam.

If you still want to prepare yourself for the online exam, we suggest you take a look at the old exams and case studies so that you'll get a feeling of your strengths and maybe weaknesses regarding different topics of economics. This way you can prepare yourself by filling those gaps. 


In addition, you can solve last year's test to get a feel for the question types. You can take the test several times. To the demo test!

Barrier-free Olympiad?

Do you need specific assistance for your participation due to a physical or psychological impairment, handicap or chronic illness? Find out more about how we can support your participation here and get in touch with us. We will do our best to ensure that everyone can participate fairly.