How to participate?

The International Economics Olympiad is held for high school students or recent graduates who fit following two requirements:

are under 20 years of age until 1.8.2021


have not yet started university



Online Exam

The Online Exam is open to every student that fits the requirements mentioned. The exam lasts 45 minutes and cannot be repeated. Students can register themselves or through their teacher. The 10 students with the highest score will face the Assessment. 

Selection Swiss Delegation

The spots of the TOP 10 participants of the online exam are divided in two groups:


1.      5 of those 10 spots will be filled by students of the TOP 75 of the YES Company Programme.

2.      The other 5 spots are open for all students in Switzerland.  


This way we select for each of these two categories five students with the best score on the online exam. Those 10 applicants will then be invited to an instructive assessment workshop.

The assessment is divided into two main parts:

During the first part of the workshop you'll have to solve a written economcs exam which resembles the online exam.

In the second part you'll get to solve a case study. After a given period every student of the TOP 10 will present their results in front of a jury.

The 4 best applicants will be chosen as the Swiss Delegation for the International Economics Olympiad in Kazakhstan. 

Challenges at the International Olympiad

  1.  The students at the International Economics Olympiad will be facing the financial literacy simulator. The goal is to prove your financial knowledge and invest sum x to reach the final sum y as fast as possible.
  2. The next challenge will be the economics exam written on paper. You have the option to choose from 3 out of 5 tasks. The tasks must be answered in detail.
  3. The most intense task will be the business case. You and your team have 24 hours time to solve the case and prepare a powerpoint presentation. 
  4. The grand finale is the presentation itself. You will have about five minutes time to show your results and convince the jury.

How to prepare yourself

In general there's no extra preparation needed in order for you to achieve a good score on the online exam.

If you still want to  prepare yourself for the online exam we suggest you take a look over the old exams and case studies (here) so that you'll get a feeling of your strengths and maybe weaknesses regarding different topics of economics. This way you can prepare yourself by filling those gaps. 

Barrier-free Olympiad?

Do you need specific assistance for your participation due to a physical or psychological impairment, handicap or chronic illness? Find out more about how we can support your participation here and get in touch with us.We will do our best to ensure that everyone can participate fairly.

Participate now

The Olympiad starts Mid-March with the online exam (15. March - 28. March 2021). Participate here!


 You can solve last year's exam as an exercise: Economic Exam 2020

Register as a student and give it a try!


For further information visit International Economics Olympiad.