How to participate?

The International Economics Olympiad is held for high school students or recent graduates who are younger than 20 years old as of June 30 of the year of the Olympiad. Participants are chosen by means of National competitions in each separate country.

In order to participate in the qualification of the Swiss selection you must be a participant of the YES Company Programme. The students of the TOP 25 can apply for the selection with a short video. Our jury will then select the 10 most suitable applicants and invite them to an instructive assessment workshop.


The four students with the best performance during the assesment workshop will then be trained in economics, finance literacy and case studies by proffessionals. 

application video upload

If you are a team member of the TOP25 companies, you can upload your video with the form below. The application video should not be longer than one minute. Present yourself and explain the jury why you should be representing Switzerland at the International Economics Olympiad. The file should be in MP4 ord MOV format and not exceeding 200 Megabytes.


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